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Envisioning a Healing World

I recall at primary school, many years ago, there was one song that we sang that I always found deeply moving; “Last night I had the strangest dream”. For those not familiar with it, this is a famous anti-war song penned by Ed McCurdy in the 1950’s and popularised by many covers. This song was meaningful to me at the time as it enabled me to recognise that there are other people who also share a vision of a world of reparation, healing and unity. A world in which ‘war’ is rendered obsolete.

Whilst working ‘on the front line’ in the NHS in 2014, I spent a busy period wondering what Earth might be like if there were not as many traumatised people. In fact, even better, what if there was no work for me as a therapist because we had moved into a way of living and being that means unprocessed trauma is rare?

As the narratives in our world become increasingly polarised, we can, if we choose to, use this as an opportunity to examine our inner worlds. To recognise what is triggering for us, holding these protective and wounded parts of us with care and regard, supporting them in letting go of any problematic ideas or beliefs they have taken on and releasing the energy of traumas they have endured. We can also set boundaries with troubled parts of ourselves, should we need to, so as to ensure that we do not contribute further to an outer paradigm of violence or force.

On a micro scale all acts of reverence, unity and personal responsibility contribute to generating a collective consciousness of genuine Love and Connection which could, one day, bring a recovering world into the realm of the possible. In imagining an end to war, I welcome the ‘strange dream’ outlined by McCurdy and look forward to a time in which the services of therapists are no longer required - or only very minimally. This may or may not be in my lifetime, but if I were to bear witness to the dawn of such an era, I can only begin to envisage what the shared sense of relief and joy might be like… In hope.

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