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What is soul loss?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

On a spiritual level we often send parts of ourselves away. This can occur if we experience a trauma, a difficult life event or if we are compromised in some way. We may find that we don’t ‘fit in’ with the apparent needs and expectations of others, parents, teachers, school, work, society, political ideologies, etc. As a result of this we can end up depleted and lacking in our own life force, have a poor sense of self, experience difficulties connecting with various emotions, feel lost, isolated, alone, numb, disconnected or unable to move forward in our lives. We can engage with soul retrieval to bring these lost parts of us back, which enables us to become more fully ‘ourselves’ and ultimately more alive. In order for soul retrieval to be successful we may also need to work with the part or parts of us that had to utilise various strategies so that we could survive or protect ourselves in the past. This can often include child parts of self that generally need to feel understood and safe enough for soul reintegration to be achieved.

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