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What is power loss?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Power loss is caused by our disconnection to the earth and to the various living beings around us. We may feel lost, alone, impotent and unable to effect real and lasting change in our lives. We can also feel overwhelmed when facing national or even global issues such as environmental degradation. When we are in deep relationship with our fellow peoples; the stone, plant, standing and animal people -we feel strong, powerful, connected, supported and able to safely express ourselves as being fully ‘human’. We live in harmony and balance with the other life forms that we share this beautiful planet with. When we have reclaimed our power, as a part of a great symphony of life, we no longer feel alone or isolated as we are inhabiting a world full of living beings who are able to share their gifts with us as we are them. We know that a living force, that is more powerful than us as individuals, is at work in the world and we can dance with this, expressing ourselves in our own unique way.

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