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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What usually happens during an art therapy session?

A typical session involves you sharing a bit about how you are, engaging with art making which could be drawing, painting, clay work, mixed media, etc and then a period of time towards the end of the session reflecting together on the art work made and what you feel this may mean. There may be some weeks that you wish to talk very little, focussing on image making and other sessions when you do not wish to use the art materials at all.

What happens during a shamanic healing?

For the first half an hour we reflect on what you feel you need from the healing. This can involve counselling, psychotherapy and body focussed practices and/or working with parts of self. The next 20 mins to half an hour will be my journeying for you. At this point you are welcome to relax, meditate or engage with art making if you wish. I will then relay the journey to you, which is essentially a healing story. We go on to explore the journey together and you are supported in finding your own meanings from this experience.

Can I learn to do a shamanic journey for myself?

Absolutely, yes, as part of their healing process some people like to receive 1:1 support in learning to journey for themselves. Feel free to contact me if this is something that you are interested in.

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