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Shamanic Healing

Animism and shamanism are our oldest spiritual roots as a species. Our ancestors experienced the world as animists and practiced shamanism in various ways across the planet for thousands of years, even before the rise of our present organised religions.

My approach seeks to support people in healing a range of difficulties they may have which can be spiritual, emotional, psychological and sometimes physical issues too. Sessions involve verbal and/or non-verbal reflection on a particular issue, exploring the inherent wisdom of the body and shamanic journeying.  

The work that I offer includes; soul retrieval, power retrieval, recapitulation, working with your future self, ancestral healing, extraction and more. For further information about these practices, please do just enquire. 

In some instances, for example for those who have current complex mental health needs, shamanic work may not be advisable. Please do contact me in confidence to discuss any queries you may have in this respect.

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Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that offers people a space in which they can begin to engage with and understand their inner world and emotions. This occurs through the process of art making in the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship.

Creating art is one of the many methods by which we are able to work directly with the power of our unconscious, which is life enhancing, as we are then able to gain more awareness of our internal processes and feelings. It is also a useful tool whereby we are able to connect with our ‘inner knowing’ or intuition.

Art offers a safe avenue whereby we can reflect on anything that we need to, in relation to ourselves, our relationships with others as well as the cultures that we live in. Through creativity we are able to express our innermost feelings, earliest memories, senses, thoughts, desires, fears, challenges, fantasies, hopes and dreams.

Art therapy can be provided either individually or in groups. Some people prefer to engage in a private, 1:1 relationship. This individual approach offers a mirror of our primary relational experiences and is deeply personal. Others find that engaging with art therapy in a group can offer beneficial mutual support and a sense of community or even tribe.

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I offer clinical supervision for arts therapists and other mental health professionals who are keen to incorporate creativity, the arts and/or eco therapy into their work.

It can be highly beneficial for supervisees to engage with their own art making and other forms of creativity within the supportive and reflective forum of supervision. This can enable us to explore what may be occurring relationally at a deeper level and offer valuable insights into the therapeutic process.

I have experience in supervising both trainee and more experienced art therapists as well as other mental health professionals. I am also happy to provide one off consultations, if this is something you are interested in.

(Please note: All of my therapeutic and supervisory work is supervised by appropriately trained and experienced professionals.)

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