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Prices & Fees

I offer a sliding scale of fees depending on personal income. I provide a few concessions but these must be negotiated in advance.

Sessions are on-line and in person.

Prices & Fees: Welcome

Art Psychotherapy

Free of Charge

Individual Initial Assessment

£40 to £60

Regular Sessions


Clinical Supervision

Prices & Fees: Packages & Rates

Shamanic Healing

£40 - £70

Initial Assessment & Consultation

£40 - £70

Further Sessions

Prices & Fees: Packages & Rates

Cancellation Policy

I request 48 hours notice for cancellation of a session.

Unfortunately, if you cancel within this time I will still need to charge you.

I do not offer an emergency service.

If you are in crisis and in need of urgent support, please attend your nearest Accident and Emergency Department.

Prices & Fees: Text
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